The digital age has come. We are past the time the people of 1999 feared, thinking that the computers would overrun their preset programs and find a way (which wouldn’t really work out) to control the world. One may argue that technology does indirectly control the world, though. When we get up in the morning, it is an electronic alarm waking us up. We roll over to check our mobile phones that are fully charged after a night of being plugged in. Then, after that technologically driven mini-routine, one might go and take a shower playing the music they asked the Amazon Alexa to play from a specific playlist. Alexa is a virtual assistant that can control a lot of your home systems, from opening and closing curtains to switching on a kettle for you to make a cup of tea. So long as you ask Alexa to do something, she will accomplish it within her electronic means, especially when it comes to food. Alexa can even order meals for you if you request her to.

Digital Marketing

In this tech-forward universe, businesses must quickly make themselves digitally improved in order to keep up with the desires of the masses. For the businesses who didn’t or don’t know how to manage their firms digital image, a new business sector emerged – Digital Marketing. This business division generated 21.4 billion British Pounds within the year of 2016. Digital Marketing have different segments for each individual niche. It can range from Google Adwords  all the way to way to Youtube adverts. Social Media Marketing is the means to feature certain information using, obviously, social media. There are different platforms for this type of marketing, such as Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

Social Media Marketing

Each platform is a valuable asset to all businesses because of all the data they can collect about their adverts and all the parameters that can be used to find the right audience. If one comes to think of it, these businesses pay the social media platforms to have their advertisements shown to the masses. Of course, if the business does not know how to manage all of these networks, they will hire a digital marketing agency that will take care of everything for them. This has created a spin off and never seen before industry that is tailored to the digitized needs of 21st century businesses.  In the past advertising, agencies mainly handled the marketing on radio, in newspaper, using outbound calling techniques and via public signages. These methods would rarely give the business owner statistics, for example, how their marketing is going, what demographics of the population are interacting with their adverts, what time their adverts are being viewed etc. Such advertising agencies still exist for the few firms that can still afford traditional advertising. It is an expensive investment, and this opened the door for the cheaper digital marketing sector. Digital marketing did not override traditional advertising, but it did what this generation does best – introduce something completely brand new that is more impactful.