The film industry is one of the most prolific of our days. We see that after each movie has had its premiere we hear that it made hundreds of millions of dollars in the first month. We have been and will always be attracted by movies and the stories told in them. Our love story with the movies started in the last century when the first cinemas were opened and we could see the jaw-dropping moving images. The technology behind movie-making has changed tremendously over the years to create a more interesting product and, let´s be frank here, to make more money. But lately we have seen a rather unusual newcomer to this industry: the GoPro camera.  It has become a firm favourite in the film industry and it has undeniably changed the rules of the game. We have listed some of the ways in which these cameras have altered the course of the film industry.

Growth in Popularity

GoPro cameras rose to fame a few years back when many short sports movies appeared on the internet. We were fascinated by this first person view of life and the spontaneous events that were happening. Such a nifty little camera can be quite expensive but, at the same time, it is much cheaper than a professional one. This is one of the ways in which they have influenced the film industry. We have seen a soaring amount of indie movies that are made solely on GoPro cameras because they are much more cost effective and the quality of the image is very good. This has allowed small movies producers to save and use these finances for other necessary things in their productions and to make better movies overall.

It also means a considerable savings for big movie companies too. They soon realized that it is easier to strap a GoPro on a stunt person than to spend thousands of dollars on a set-up that would film exactly the same thing and often at an even lower quality.

A New Perspective

First person view is has become popular, in recent years, in specific genres like thrillers and horror movies. Unsurprisingly, increasing number of the big production companies are resorting to using a simple two-hundred-dollar GoPro for some of the best scenes instead of wasting funds on a rather complex set-up.

Another thing that have made these a staple in movie making is the possibility for spontaneity, a major reason for their popularity in the first place. The unpredictability of what is going to happen while filming footage on a GoPro and the proximity of the viewer to the action is probably one of the main things that make us love them. So much so that you feel that you are experiencing the action yourself.

This is why the movie industry has focused so much of its attention on these cameras now. Producers want you to experience scenes in movies where you feel like you are right in the action, feeling almost as if you were the protagonist yourself.