Filmmaking is an art. It is the illumination of several images that play out the imagination of the director to the masses. It is the conjuring up of a beautiful story. The emancipation of distant world that may or may not exist at present. It is the depiction of the complexity of the human mind and its functions. The art of the film highlights how the desires of the heart can fabricated when one strives to it. Films are not just for entertainment or merely an industry that boosts the economy.

Film making gives one the means of understanding what really happens within their creative selves and eventually gives way to the expression of what they have understood within them. The origins of a film are usually from the persons experiences or where they grew up as a child. If a producer grew up in Canada for example the landscape will have a direct influence on their creative juices. The Canadian landscape is beautiful in an unmanicured manner. It is rustic, untouched and natural. Imagine a child growing up in this environment. Playing in the woods making fires and camping, playing with imaginary swords as if they are in the forest about to defeat a big dragon. The environment one grows up in has a direct effect on their imagination. Always remember that the imagination is where art is created.

These imaginations inspired by the landscape is where the art of storytelling is sprouts up. Story telling is the entire being of a film, thus making all films an art form. Story telling much becomes much easier when the mind has been injected with manifold ideas and visions from the physical world. At times, for many artists, the physical world is their point of reference even if it is another film. The film Avatar is a great example of a film that was inspired by a mixture of landscapes. It is a science fiction movie that highlights the struggle between a greedy mining firm that aims to kill off an indigenous UFO like tribe of beings to attain the mineral Unobtanium. The director of the magnificent film James Cameron has spoken of how this movie has been spewing within him since he was in primary school. His artistic juices were flowing as he dreamt of being a scientist investigating the unknown planets of the universe. Now we see how film making as an art is not only influenced by physical elements of the world but by imaginations and desires of the heart.

Cameron was even quite the artist when he was younger curating a piece of art he called “Spring on Planet Flora’. It is evident that his desire to become scientist and what he had taken in from the outer world influenced this piece of art he created. The picture, he states was the leading concept for the unique mystic jungle landscape on the moon Pandora, where most of the movie Avatar takes place. Even by the testament of the world renown film producer James Cameron (who also directed The Titanic and Terminator 2) we realize that indeed film making is an art in its own beautiful right and being.