The 21st century has bought filming to whole new spectrum. Film cameras of old are now DLSR cameras. Films no longer cost 100,000$ (less than a mortgage) but they now cost millions upon millions of dollars. This is much more than the average layman can afford. The world of film making has evolved dramatically. Now we even have iPhone film makers. This has come as a direct result of the advance developments of the camera in general, not just the iPhone camera. As the camera became smaller, sharper and highly innovative as did so with the cameras placed within phones.

The first iPhone was released on the 9th of January 2007. It was just named the iPhone alone and did not have any extensions as the Apple produced range of phones have now. That phone had a 2 mega pixel camera. That equals very bad grainy quality photos however when you compare that to the 1975 Kodak Digital Camera that had 0.01 megapixels it was more than an upgrade for phone cameras at that time. Nowadays the newest iPhone, the iPhone X, has a 12-megapixel double camera nearly the same amount of megapixels as a 2004 professional camera. Bear in mind that pictures taken by professionals in 2004 are still of the highest quality and so this puts the iPhone on its own pedestal. The iPhone camera is known to shoot clear cut images and motion pictures that can be used on a professional scale. They even understand this fact by the ‘Taken on an iPhone’ campaign they ran during the release of the iPhone X.

The iPhone has gained its prominence in the film making industry even being used for the curation of music videos for global music artists such as Nicki Minaj who used an iPhone to create the music videos for new hit song. ‘Chun Li’ is the song Nicki Minaj performs for the world through an iPhone camera. In the video we see the pop artist singing into the camera through the front facing selfie camera. Using an iPhone camera to film a cinematic piece gives more of an intimate feel of the users to the artist. It makes fans realize that the music artist enjoys using the same gadgets as they do and that life as a music celebrity is not overcomplicated. Another huge pop celeb who used an iPhone for the entirety of their music video is Selena Gomez. In the music video for the song ‘Wolves’ featuring electronic DJ, Marshmallow we see how both the front facing and back cameras of the iPhone are used by Selena in her music video.

The advancements of iPhone cameras had birthed the age of creativity. Money is no longer a barrier that stops someone from becoming a film maker. A creative mind is the only thing that could hold back from creating a cinematic masterpiece. The world has many assets being handed to it on a silver platter and only those who make use of the assets thrive.