The rise of social media platforms in the 21st century was something fun, unique and exciting. People used platforms such as Myspace and Friendster to connect with people and never thought a time would come were these platforms would become aggressive marketing platforms. The reason why social media platforms are almost the best places to use for marketing is because of the specific parameters businesses can use to target. They can use age, the area where you stay and most importantly market according to your interests. They will even make your interests a marketing podium by sending them free products, for the social media influencer to trial and to speak about how much they love or loathe the item. Social media marketing has changed the whole ball game of marketing.

Social media marketing is the use of social media websites and social media networks to promote a company’s products and service. It is known as “digital marketing” and “e-marketing,”. Social media marketing has not only risen to popularity because of how targeted the advertisements can be but because there are now data analytics tools that allow the business to track how successful their marketing efforts are. These tools are even set up such that if you entered your email on the company’s website, but you didn’t buy, you will start getting emails about the last items you looked at. They might even give you discount codes for the items you browsed at online.

Social media websites include Facebook and YouTube. These platforms allow marketers to use a broad range of tactics as mentioned before. Facebook serves the purpose of giving a platform for the user is to show off that they stay in a area, are of a certain age and like doing certain things. Social media platforms such as Facebook are just a way the techno driven masses show off their physical world to the digital one. Because Internet audiences can be well segmented than more traditional marketing channels such as newspaper, firms can ensure that they are focusing their monetary resources (rather than man power and time) on aiming their adverts at the perfect audience.

Across all social media platforms content creation is king. Companies and publishers are constantly aiming to create content that is ‘sticky’. Sticky content is like that crazy makeup video you watched of someone doing their make up with garden tools. The video will go viral but essentially the make up products they use are getting seen the worlds masses. This gives brands the exposure they craved in days of old.

While social media marketing can provide benefits, it also can create obstacles that cannot be overcome. If a viral social media post of circulating  claiming that a company’s product service is the worst and that they caused a customer immense grievance, regardless of whether the claim is true or false the company suffers as a consequence.Now we see that social media marketing almost has a life of it’s own. It controls the us as the user and controls the money hungry businesses marketing themselves.