Radio is still a king pin in a world of Spotify, Deezer and YouTube.  People’s love for radio hasn’t died off since its birth in 1893. People often enjoy listening to the radio because of the human aspect of running a radio station. Radio stations unlike music streaming platforms such as Spotify need a human being to manage the station. People enjoy the fact of having a human being calling the shots rather than a computerized algorithm.

Radio infiltrated humans with a bang in the 1920’s following the First World War. Before that radios were not a household fixture. People particularly loved the radio because it appealed to them on an emotional level. Many people loved (and still love) radio because they hear their favorite songs and personalities host the entire show.  The radio triggered an emotional response that listeners value. They get to have a companion speaking about intriguing topics while they work. When they are getting dressed to go out they get to play the radio and get into a better mood. The radio fills the gap in an empty car for the lone driver.

The love the nation had for radio is based on the hands-free element. Apart from being able to clean your home and listen to some great tunes you could hear the latest news without having to lift a single finger. The newspaper on the other hand involves having to stop you from what you were doing and give your full undivided attention to read it in comfort. That is the element people of then didn’t favor and is the exact same reason why the people of now haven’t warmed up to newspaper either.

The people of this age enjoy having things handed to them on a silver platter. They do not enjoy having to go through too much to attain what they desire. Why wouldn’t this generation be so when you can speak to your phone and command it give a specific person a phone call. You can even command your home to open and close the curtains and to switch the kettle on and off. This makes reading newspaper a monotonous and straining activity for this generation. Although radio is a thing of old it serves the generation according to their automated needs.

When it comes to advertising companies steer towards radio as well. With radio you know that your advertisement has been heard by the masses, whether consciously or subconsciously. Newspaper on the other hand is not at all predictable. People who read newspapers have control. The control to buy newspaper to read a 5-page spread and the control to throw it away without ready anything else. Businesses inject thousands of dollars for a newspaper placement with the promise of hundreds of thousands of people buying the newspaper but not necessarily seeing the advert. Radio will always have its place in the heart of nations whether it be the public or the corporate individuals.